Week of September 20th

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Unit Testing this week!

We will spend a lot of time this week going through sample passages and how to annotate to show our thinking. When students are faced with unfamiliar text it’s important that they know how to slow down and connect with the passage. Tuesday night’s homework will be a practice of this.

The skills assessed in Unit 1 are: sequence, words in context, main idea, setting, inference, and theme. The spelling portion of the unit test will be multiple choice. There will be a sentence using the word and the students will identify if it’s spelled correctly or they will select the correct spelling. UNIT SPELLING CAN BE FOUND ON VOCABULARY A-Z!

The unit test is long so we will break it into two parts, taking the test on Thursday and Friday.

The grammar component of the unit test will cover the types of sentences (declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory) and nouns (identifying proper and common nouns)

Important for this week!
Tuesday: Annotating homework

Wednesday: Spelling homework

Thursday/Friday: Unit Testing

Week of September 13th

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Story of the Week: Elisa’s Diary (this is our last story in Unit 1)

Big Idea

  • We never stop learning.

Essential Question

  • How does a character learn an important lesson?

Target Skill

  • Theme – the big idea or lesson the author wants the reader to know.
Target Strategy
  • Visualize – to use text details to form pictures in your mind.


  • Stress – good readers stress, or emphasize, certain words as they read. Appropriate stress helps readers and listeners understand words and derive meaning from text.
  • Stressed and Unstressed Syllables – in words with more than one syllable, we stress, or emphasize, one syllable more than the others. The vowel sound in many unstressed syllables is called the schwa sound.
Vocabulary Strategies
  • Suffixes -ly-ful – “in a certain way” or “like,” and “full of.” A suffix is an affix attached to the end of a base word or word root that changes the meaning of the word.


  • Singular and Plural Nouns – names one person, place or thing, or names more than one person, place or thing. A collective noun names a group of people, animals or things that act as a unit.


Write to Express

  • Focus Trait: Voice – When authors create characters, they give each one a voice, or a particular way the character sounds. A character’s voice is often shown through dialogue.

Please click below to access Elisa’s Diary Spelling and Vocabulary Words


RELIGION: Quiz on Tuesday, Sept. 14th

Students were given time to make notecards that will offer ten extra points on their quiz grade. Cards MUST be turned in at the time students take the quiz.

SADLIER VOCAB: We will start Unit 2 this week

UNIT TESTING: Next week, September 23rd-24th

Week of September 7th

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Our story this week: Double Dutch

Vocabulary: unison, uniform, mastered, competition, identical, element, routine, intimidated, recite, qualifying

Spelling: glue, flute, youth, accuse, bruise, stew, choose, loose, lose, view, confuse, cruise, jewel, execute, route, cartoon, avenue, include, assume, souvenir

Challenge Spelling: conclude, pursuit, intrude, subdue, presume (these will be extra credit this week)

Comprehension Skill: Sequence of events

Writing Focus: Narrative

Spelling Test/Reading Test: Friday

Grammar Quiz: Thursday Common/Proper Nouns

Religion, Chapter 2: Next Tuesday, September 14th

Week of August 30th

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Story: Off and Running

Target Skills for the week:

Writing: Persuasive/Voice

Comprehension: Compare and Contrast, Idioms/Similes, Formal/Informal Language

Spelling: Long i and o

Grammar: Compound Sentences

Vocabulary: Using Context

Vocabulary: debate, inflated, shaken, decorated, gradually, hesitated, scanned, stalled, beckoned, prodded

Spelling: sign, groan, replay, throw, strike, mighty, stroll, compose, dough, height, excite, apply, slight, define, odor. spider, control, silent, brighten, approach,

Challenge: require, reproach, defy, plight, opponent

Religion: Chapter Two: Jesus Calls Us to Worship


If you would like to access our Journey’s text online and use the audio file please log in to Think Central. Click the words “Think Central” below to get to the site. 🙂

Think Central

Format to follow:

Login Name: s-jsmit

(First initial first name, First four initials last name)

Password: S-jsmit4567

(Capital S-, first initial first name, first four initials last name, library number)


Week of August 23rd

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Thank you, parents for attending Back to School Night last week! If you were not able to attend, please reach out with any questions you might have about fifth grade. Thank you to the parents who have supported our fifth grade class with donations from our Amazon Wish List. If you haven’t had a chance to take a gander, here is the link:


This week, our story is A Royal Mystery!

Target Skills for the week:

Writing: Narrative/Using Voice

Comprehension: Theme, Elements of Drama, Characterization

Spelling: Long Vowels

Grammar: Types of Sentences

Vocabulary: Prefixes

Vocabulary: discomfort, immersed, primitive, bungled, interior, contagious, honored, brandishing, secretive, imprinted

Spelling: awake, feast, stray, greet, praise, disease, repeat, display, braces, thief, ashamed, sleeve, waist, beneath, sheepish, release, remain, sway, training, niece

Spelling Test: Thursday

Reading Test: Friday

This week the students will take a grammar pre-test so I can assess their knowledge before I dive in with my instruction. This will not be for a grade, just an evaluation of their understanding of the parts of speech.

Religion: Ask your kiddos about toothpaste! We will continue with Chapter One, “Signs of Our Faith,” and there will be a quiz on Thursday. Students will have all the notes needed to study for this quiz.

Welcome to Fifth Grade!

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It’s been an amazing first week in Fifth Grade! I am impressed with how quickly everyone has learned our classroom routines and procedures! This is a FABULOUS group of Fifth Graders!!

I look forward to seeing all parents at our Back to School Night on August 17th at 5pm!

Next week we will begin our first story, target vocabulary from the weekly story, and spelling!

For our afternoon classes, we will do a grammar assessment and begin our brand new Religion series!


Story for the week of August 16th:

A Package for Mrs. Jewls

Target Skills for the week:

Writing: Narrative Writing

Comprehension: Point of View and Irony

Spelling: Short Vowels

Grammar: Complete Sentences

Vocabulary: Using Context